I Love Christ’s Church, and my church

Why I Love the Church

My church’s renewed emphasis this morning of being in the family of Christ stirred up fresh motivations and meditations of my identity and involvement as a believer in Christ.

I was baptised and grew up in a Brethren church. Subsequently I joined two other churches – only when my family relocated – and my conviction and preference were always to identify and immerse myself with other believers living in the same locality (just as the NT letters were sent to believers recognized and identified corporately by the city of residence)

And for the past 7 years, my wife have also settled into New Creation Church. My wife has remarked that her experience with NCC as seeing and experiencing Jesus more and more – finding her first love. Our familiarity of the bible and the regular functions of church life had innocuously displaced and misplaced Jesus Who is our all and all. It is imperative that our experience and knowledge of Christ do not diminish as we grow old (I am now in my 60s)

Some have wondered how I could move to a charismatic church, after having grown up actively in Brethren Churches with sound biblical doctrinal foundations.

Three years ago, I told an NCC pastor that Joseph Prince is the new Watchman Nee. I had also remarked to many that JP is probably the best pastor in the world to preach the gospel not only to the unchurched, but especially to those in the churches.

Why the comparison of JP with Watchman Nee? The latter spent four months with Brethren assemblies in England, arranged by a Brethren (rather a Sister) missionary serving in China. Those familiar with the Brethren movement will know that these believers were truly ‘Bereans’ who left the traditional churches in obedience to the scriptural teachings of the Priesthood of believers and the significance of the “Holy Communion”. Their faithfulness to sound doctrine and devotion to the study of scriptures introduced many key teachings to the church today e.g. typology, dispensation, eschatology, priesthood and charisma gifting of every believer, etc.
Watchman Nee is the most prominent Asian believer to impact the world with his writings – much derived from his typological and symbolic meditations of the scriptures.

So I find affinity in the sermons of JP, who have continued on with current available resources of the past saints and scholarship to minister in NCC and the universal Church. The NCC weekly communion continues to remind, refresh and nourish the spirit and body by pointing to Christ’s sufficiency and Grace on the cross.

I will close by referring to an article by Frank Viola “Why I Love the Church – In praise of God’s Eternal Purpose



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