Harpazo – the Intra-Seal Rapture of the Church

Jacob Prasch’s latest book on the Rapture, or rather Harpazo is finally out.  I managed to read most of the book (650 pages) on Kindle and consider it a must-read for pastors, church leaders, and all believers who look forward to our glorification.

Even the Overview of the book by Danny Isom is indeed illuminating – found here


Reading this book is also another delightful learning journey into ‘Midrash’, and Typology.  While upholding the Jewish approach to understanding the Old Testament and the Jewish pattern of prophecies, Jacob has been very careful, in his own words –

 …. due theological diligence.

….. carefully examine and understand all of the scriptural evidence.

…..Typology as a Hermeneutic As always, we preface our application of typology with the usual caveat that a type or shadow itself cannot be the basis of a doctrinal conclusion.

….. however, we do hold to the scriptural uses of typology as God-given devices to illuminate our understanding of doctrine and to give an in-depth comprehension of the antitype being foreshadowed.

…. those who build doctrine on typology have entered the door of Gnosticism but are too ignorant to know it.

Jacob was keenly fair and even-handed to warn against presumptions and reading in into the scriptures –

…. cannot be substantiated from Scripture with anything even remotely approaching firm proof.

…. speculations as devoid of foundation.

The author rejects those speculations as devoid of foundation. We see this often prevailing in popular contemporary eschatologies which people glean from singing choruses rather than from systematic exegesis. One example would be a popular Christian chorus whose lyrics open with , “These are the days of Elijah” where some ministry in the character of Elijah is imposed on the latter day Church. Such concepts are almost ethereal in dimension and seem to appeal to those who succumb to the errors of Dominion Theology or who are otherwise oblivious to the doctrinal implications of what they are singing.

“Harpazo” is a great companion to Jacob’s other book “Shadows of the Beast”.  There are few who would dive into such ‘lengthy’ books.  Most gave them 5 star ratings in Amazon.  I am looking forward to his next book on “Herod” whom Jacob thinks is the type of the coming antiChrist.


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