Hyper Grace and Dr Michael Brown

The current issue of Singapore’s Impact magazine  (Vol 38 No 6 feature on “Hyper Grace”) carries a feature interview on “Hyper Grace” with the renowned and well-respected Dr. Micahel Brown, a Messianic Jew, known for his “Fire School of Ministry” and http://askdrbrown.org/; and a professor of Bible and Hebrew studies at many leading seminaries.

When I received and read the interview, I wrote to the editor of ‘Impact’ yesterday, somewhat along these words :-

I’ve great admiration for Dr. Michael Brown, and have followed him for some time.  However, his comments on Hyper Grace in Charisma magazine, his book, and now on ‘Impact’ does not reflect the same degree of scholarship as in his scholarly debates and his teaching ministry.  He has focused on the “partially empty cup” rather than the “FILLED cup” of this restoration of the original and pure Gospel of abounding and amazing Grace to the believers worldwide.  For times like this, we should glory in the filled cup, after decades of many believers worldwide missing and misunderstanding God’s Grace and find their lives indeed filled and fulfilled by our Lord Jesus Who came full of grace.

Michael Brown rightly observed that “there are people who are literally set free … because of the truths of the message”

Michael Brown’s reference to anecdotal experiences of pastors and leaders who “reached out to him”; and being “flooded with people telling me horror stories …” does not negate or invalidate the truth of the Gospel of Grace.  Equally there are anecdotal experiences of pastors and believers who are refreshed and released by the Gospel of Grace.

This awesome, abounding and amazing Grace of God cannot ever be ‘hyperise’ or exaggerated.  Rather I think it is under-rated and under preached for too long, far too long, and have been replaced, displaced and misplaced by discipleship issues, (I am not discounting the importance of discipleship, rather how it has neglected and discounted the power of His grace for our discipleship).

It is for such well-meaning believers who struggled with discipleship issues that the pure message of Grace brought freshness and fullness into our life in Christ, by grace and faith. Teachings on grace have been too “casual” rather than being exemplified embodied and incarnated in the Person of Jesus, His love and power! our legacy (Ephesians chapter 3)

Definitely, in the focus and return to the Gospel of Grace, there is unintended collateral damage, as no one is sufficient to address issues completely in a balanced manner – the full counsel.  Nothing amiss or awry about hyper grace, just that some leaders have yet to explain and expound Grace in His Fullness and fulfillment to sinners.  Definitely in due time as pastors and believers stand and be established in Grace.  I rejoice that for the countless who have been shackled by religious laws and works and discipleship, Jesus comes, “Grace upon Grace” while the law came by the servant Moses.

So there are issues with some people, just as the children of the Spirit and promise will be persecuted by the children of the flesh (Gal 4:28).  Different mountains, different mothers.  Coming from Michael Brown (and Impact) might also have collateral damage to those still pursuing santification by works rather than sanctification by grace (monogist <> synergist; the latter having many proponents with discipleship para-church groups)

The moment Michael Brown’s book on Hyper Grace was published, Dr Paul Ellis responded to clarify how the message of Grace has been so misunderstood, and so mixed up (ie. mixture). 

I suppose it would be fair that since Impact has featured Michael Brown, it would consider also featuring Dr Paul Ellis, or review his book the “Hyper Grace Gospel” (available in e format) :-


Thank you.

Be blessed in Jesus, Who is Great, Glorious, Good and full of Grace.

Saved by Grace, Standing in Grace, Strong in Grace

2Tim 2:1; Heb 13:9; 1Pet 5:12


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