Occasionally I had referred to Midrash in my postings.

Anyone who wish to know more about Midrash should read Geoff Toole’s “A Beginner’s Look at Midrash” in  http://www.midrashim.org/

Geoff is a tentmaker now living and serving in Japan, and is using the Midrash approach just as the early Apostles did to interpret the Old Testament.

Though the early Brethren discovered Typology which is incorporated into the grammatical and historical approach of current hermeneutics, the Brethren did not have the total legacy of having the original languages and moreso, the Hebraic mind-set and world view.

I have been greatly refreshed, challenged and enlightened by the Hebraic legacy of our faith.

I am appending the links to  a few sermons by Jacob Prasch, a gifted messianic Jew who sought to introduce and initiate the church into the Hebraic approach to unlock the deeper truths = patterns, types, typology, shadows, etc.

Midrash is best appreciated when we see how it is used – as in the following sermon transcripts

1)  The Book of Ruth – the typology and teaching on the Gentile Bride of Christ


2)  The Future History of the Church – how the sufferings of Christ is a pattern for the Church


3)  Jesus in the Garden –  how the fall of man in the garden of Eden was reversed in the garden of Gethsemane




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