Earlier in the week, my wife informed me that she would fetch her nieces (visiting from Perth) for NCC’s third service instead of going for the first service at 8.30am.

This morning, I ate breakfast alone, leaving my wife to sleep late. The Ipad1 kept on crashing, so I did not manage to meditate the Joseph Prince devotions for today, nor complete the 2nd plan from the YouVersion Bible Plan. So I surfed a bit to find out how to do a reset for the obsolute Ipad1, intending to do so after I returned from church. I bathed, changed and left for the StarPac, where New Creation Church is located.

There was hardly any crowd – only a couple of straddlers –  when I went into the building.

Hei, where’s the family? (church slogan is Hei, we’re family).

Hei, where’s everybody? Hei, I’m being left behind? How can it be, my wife is still around, in bed.

Then I realised that today is not Sunday! I messaged my wife “Ooh, the Star is empty! Today is Saturday!” She message back “So funny, ha ha ha.”

And this verse flashed in my mind, with the thought “am I really so eager for church? For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere.” (Ps 84:10)

So I decided to go to Chinatown for another breakfast of steamed glutinous rice with peanuts, mushrooms, and shallots, to assuage my moment of folly and futility.

Somehow, the writings of Howard Snyder came back to mind, (Community of the King, Problem of Wineskins). The family of believers is the community of the King, not the StarPac building nor the organisational structure of NCC, rather the called out community worshipping at the StarPac. (see earlier blog on Consumer, Customer or Community)


What would have happened to the StarPac building (the NCC owns the 3rd to the 11th floors, built at a cost of about US 500M) after the Harpazo or rapture? Who would be occupying and using the building, the facilities, the world class sound and light fixtures. Would another religion move in, and “inherit” the auditorium and the auxiliary halls. Likewise for all the believers and churches of Jehovah God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in this world!

On a personal level, who would be taking over my apartment, the car, my bank accounts, my assets etc. My family members would also have been raptured, and there wouldn’t be anyone to inherit or claim the assets here on earth.

The Israelites took with them the treasures of Egypt – the precious metal, stones, skins etc and subsequently used them for the construction of the Tabernacle – and within this mobile and living Tent God dwelt and related to His people (cf ‘The Problem of Wineskins”). That was the time they crossed the Red Sea and before they crossed the Jordan. Over the Jordan, it was a land of milk and honey, and God would tabernacle within His people .

With the Harpazo, the Rapture, we will not (or rather cannot) be taking anything with us. What would happen to all the assets and wealth accumulated, I wondered.

Would the enemy say – ‘huh, you plundered Egypt (type of the world), this time round, it’s payback time. It will be for the world’s picking. You Christians have named and claimed prosperity in faith, – your houses, your church buildings, your nice clothings, your cars, your investments; and it is all to be left behind. Very few of you learnt the lesson, that after Egypt, you embark on a journey as a pilgrim to the Promise Land. This world is not your home, you are just passing through.” (Am reading Pilgrim’s Progress for now – not easy reading as it was written long lo o o n n ng ago.)

P/S My wife wondered how this could have happened – going off to an empty church? I said “Maybe God wants me to write this blog”


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