I love Jews, and Israel

Now that I have blogged about Ruth, I just felt led to share this.

When I was in Chicago a few years ago, I met my daughter’s supervisor at UIC, and when she was offered a job after graduation, met her boss.  I thanked both of them (who are secular Jews) for the favor and help rendered, and said that our family has been blessed by the descendants of Abraham. Both were somewhat taken aback for to meet an Asian who loves Jews.  They even asked if I had been to Israel.  Proudly, I said, yes twice, and would go again if opportunity permits.

The last time I was in Israel, I met a man having a picnic with his family at Tel Dan. I verbalized my gratitude that the Jews gave us God’s Word, the prophets and finally the Messiah of the world.  He asked then whether I believe in the Messiah mentioned in the Tanath.  Truly, I replied, and He has come, and He will come again.  But the conversation was cut short as our group had to move on.

But I am probably an oddity.  It is not politically correct to voice support for Israel, frequently vilified and demonized in the press, campuses, United Nations, government parliamentarians.

But what saddens me is that many believers in Jesus have also somewhat been influenced by what they read, and have low regard for Israel and its policies and practices over the status of Jerusalem and the “Jordanians”.  Why did I used the word Jordanians?  Do watch the appended Youtube by Jacob Prasch.  A must watch for all believers.

And that is why I subscribe to the following for another perspective of what is truly happening in the place where I am spiritually born – Mt Zion.







Shalom in Yeshua


One thought on “I love Jews, and Israel

  1. Thank you for this terrific post! You stand FOR something and express it, that’s powerful. I too love Israel and the Jewish people and their legacy including the Messiah. Love the links too.

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