Jubilee and the Destiny of Nations


Jubilee and the Destiny of Nations by Dr Li-Ann Thio

Two nights ago, I was at an Alby event where Dr Thio Li-Ann spoke on “Jubilee and the Destiny of Nations”, based on her book which she took only two months to write. This feat exemplifies her giftedness and intellectual prowess. Dr Li-ann Thio is a Professor of Law in a Singapore university, working in the fields of constitutional and administrative law, international law and human rights in Asia. She holds law degrees from Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge and was a former Nominated Member of the Singapore Parliament (2007- 2009). She had a Damascus Road/Acts 2 experience with Jesus Christ as a first-year undergraduate at Keble College, Oxford, after which she disavowed humanism and embraced authentic Christianity. She speaks regularly on topics including Christian discipleship, worldviews, faith in the public square, and Israel and the Ancient Near East in history and prophecy.

The back-cover of her book reads:

“Whether God judges a nation to be a sheep or goat nation depends on whether it is a righteous nation which fulfills God’s plans for its destiny. How it treats Israel is key, as God promised Abraham He would bless / curse the nations that blessed/cursed Israel. In these last days before the Second Coming of Christ, the watchmen on the wall are commissioned to watch and pray. This book explores how the saints are to understand the times and to exercise their executive authority through prayer and prophetic intercession.
The Lord’s Jubilee, occurring once every 50 years, is a significant milestone in a nation’s walk towards or away from destiny. As Independent Singapore turns 50, the saints must act and intercede for national righteousness, so that our nation may be confirmed on the path to destiny and God’s blessings at Jubilee, and attain its call to be the Antioch of Asia.”

Excerpts from her book –

“… the spiritual significance of Jubilee – a term denoting the celebration of a fiftieth anniversary. At the time of writing, Singapore has entered into her 49th year of Independence, which was celebrated on 9 August 2014, which fell on a Saturday/Sabbath. The Republic is on the cusp of her Jubilee…..”

“‘Jubilee’, which is derived from the Hebrew term Yovel (ram’s horn or shofar), was a biblical ordinance given to the Nation of Israel and elaborated upon in Leviticus 25. The Jubilee year took place every fiftieth year, after seven cycles of the shemitah or sabbatical years (49 years) …….”

“At the start of the Jubilee year, a trumpet blast of liberty was to be sounded. Every man was to return to his possessions and to his family, which entails a reversion or restoration of property rights, and emancipation from servitude. No sowing, reaping nor gathering was to take place during the Year of Jubilee. The land was to lie fallow. The people would have to trust God for His provision, a call to remember He is Yahweh Jireh, the One who provides and sustains. ……”

“At the heart of Jubilee are three principles: the principle of liberty, of restored inheritance, and of the reconciliation of broken relationships. Is this not the very message of redemption that a fallen world longs to hear, experience and fully realise, having lost liberty, inheritance and relationship when sin despoiled everything at Eden? All nations and peoples must desire these Jubilee blessings. ….”

To me, the poignant and pressing exhortation can be summed up by her insightful conviction:

“Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the Aleph and Tav. All things in Scripture point to, and glorify Him, the Lamb of God slain from the foundations of the earth. Jesus is our Jubilee. His mission was to set us free from sin, restore our lost inheritance, and reconcile us to Him and to each other. He started this work at His First Coming, and this will be consummated fully at His Second Coming, which will be announced by a loud trumpet or shofar blast (Matthew 24:31). Then, we will be free, liberated like calves released from the stall to trample the wicked underfoot, on the “great and terrible Day of ADONAI” (Malachi 3:20, 23, CJB).”

“Just as the price of land and property depreciates as the date of redemption nears, so too the object lesson for us is this: The nearer the nation is to Jubilee, the less its people should be preoccupied with material things. The closer we get to Jubilee, the greater devotion we should have to spiritual things, to the things of God. This resonate with Paul’s admonition in Colossians 3:1-3 that we are to focus on things above, not things on the earth, as we look forward to the appearing of Christ, who is our life, in glory. …..”

“At heart, the study of the Jubilee and its spiritual significance is a study into the character and kindness of God, and His purposes. It provides insight into the workings of God and the denouement of His plans, as the Age of Grace gives way to the Age of Judgment, inaugurated by the return of the King, Jesus Christ and His Millennial Rule.”

(emphasis in bold are mine)

(See other post on “I was Left Behind” re: the nearer we are to Harpazo and Christ’s Second Coming, the less we should be preoccupied with material things.)

It is interesting to note how another commented on her other book, and notably to her as a person – http://www.amazon.com/Mind-Gap-Contending-Righteousness-Lawlessness/dp/9814222593/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1420773030&sr=8-3&keywords=Li+Ann+Thio#customerReviews


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